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Sous Vide Eggplant with Miso and Honey Sauce

Mar 16,2023 | The Space


This Sous-vide Eggplant with Miso and Honey Sauce is a Neovide exclusive! We've combined the subtle taste of eggplant with the savory umami flavor of miso and the sweet kick of honey, all cooked to perfection with our precise temperature control. Get your Neovide ready, grab some fresh eggplants, and let's start cooking!


Mode: Manual

Cooking temp: 88°C/ 190.4°F

Cooking time: 60 mins

Difficulty: Moderate



For the eggplant:
2 small eggplants
Salt to taste
Canola oil

For the sauce:
2 tbsp miso paste
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 Garlic clove, grated
1 tbsp rice vinegar
Black sesame seeds



1.    Rinse the eggplant under cool running water and pat dry.
2.    Peel them and remove the stems.
3.    Slice the eggplants into 2 cm rounds or squares. 
4.    In a small bowl, mix together the miso paste, soy sauce, honey, minced garlic, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. 
5.    Choose the water bath program and cook the eggplants at 88ºC for 60 minutes. 
6.    After that, remove the eggplants from the Neovide cooker and switch to the mild sear function at 200ºC. Sear them on both sides with a little bit of canola oil until golden brown.
7.    Reduce the heat to 180ºC and add the miso mixture to the Neovide cooker. Gently toss the eggplant in the sauce until they're evenly coated.

Serve them and garnish with sesame seeds.


Serving the eggplants along with basmati rice is the best but you can also have them as a light starter.


The Space
Mar 31,2023
Hello Kris, it's possible that our mode name may have misled you. The Water Bath mode doesn't necessarily require the use of water. Therefore, we have renamed this mode as Manual mode, which means you need to set the time and temperature, unlike the Neovide mode, where you only need to set the temperature. For this sous vide eggplant recipe, you don't need to add water, simply put it in the pot and start. Regarding the use of the Sear function, yes, you need to ensure the pot is dry before adding cooking oil.
Kris Prasad
Mar 30,2023
Are the eggplant discs going into water? I presume so. And, I assume I would bag them , not necessarily vacuum the bags, and place them so they are not in direct contact with water. Once water bath is at 88C timing begins. After that the water must be emptied out the pan wiped dry before searing. I think these are important details that should be in recipe unless I have got the water sous vide function all wrong. I also have problems with your description of Neovide cooking which I will address in the beef recipe.