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Poached Peach, Pistachios, and Greek Yogurt

Mar 31,2023 | The Space

In the mood for some sweet indulgence? Poached Peach, Pistachios, and Greek Yogurt – a fruity and creamy dessert, is even easier to prepare with our Neovide sous vide cooker. Set the temperature on the Neovide to 75℃/167℉ and cook the peaches for 30 minutes, and simmer to get a thick syrup at 180℃/356℉. Just set the numbers and let Neovide do the rest!

Mode: Manual / Water Bath

Cooking temp: 75°C / 167°F

Cooking time: ≈ 35 mins

Difficulty: Easy



For the peach:
2 tree-ripe peaches
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp brown sugar
125 g Greek yogurt
1 tbsp granulated sugar or desired sweetener
1 tbsp toasted shelled pistachios
Vanilla extract to taste



For the peach:
1.    Remove any stems and leaves still present on the peaches.
2.    Rinse the peaches under cool running water and pat dry with a clean kitchen towel.
3.    Slice them in half and twist each half in opposite directions. If necessary, slide the knife under the top and bottom of the pit and pull it away from the fruit.
4.    Cut every half into wedges and place into the Neovide cooker. Add the brown sugar and butter and cook using the Manual / Water Bath function at 75ºC for 30 minutes. When the peaches are ready, switch to mild sear program at 180ºC and simmer until get a thick syrup. Keep warm.
5.    In a mixing bowl, combine the Greek yogurt and granulated sugar.

Serve the Greek yogurt at the bottom of a plate, then place the caramelized peaches and sprinkle with the pistachios. 



Crème fraîche has a tangy and creamy flavor that can pair well with this recipe. In the same way, whipped cream can also pair with the poached peaches.