Is it normal for the cooking time to be much longer or shorter than expected in Neovide mode?

One possible reason for your issue might be that the probe is not inserted into the center of the meat. If the probe is inserted close to the bottom of the tray, the temperature will be reached faster. If the probe is placed too close to the upper surface of the food, the cooking time will be longer. Therefore, we recommend inserting the probe into the center of the food to get a more accurate cooking time. 

I'm having trouble connecting to the app, what should I do?

Check if Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings and make sure the app has permission to use Bluetooth to search for nearby devices.

How can I download the app for iOS and Android?

Search "The Space Sous Vide" in the App Store/Google Play and download it.

How the sous vide works without water or vacuum bags?

Instead of using water as a medium for heat transfer, Neovide heats the food directly through the inner tray and thermal radiation. It combines built-in temperature sensors, algorithms, and a food probe to achieve truly precise temperature control. In Sous Vide mode or Marinate mode, the vacuum function is activated and the chamber is under vacuum. It is as if your food is cooked in a vacuum bag, but with better results – the marination is enhanced, the nutrients are preserved, and the food shape is kept.

What's the difference between Neovide and an air fryer or an oven?

The Neovide differs from air fryers and ovens in that it creates a vacuum cooking space and achieves precise temperature control from room temperature to 95°C (194°F). The vacuum environment can promote food marination, prevent oxidation and preserve food nutrients. Precise and constant control at a low temperature level is realized through induction heating with built-in temperature sensors, algorithms and a food probe, making it way more accurate than other products.

What certificates does Neovide hold?


Environmental: RoHS PAHS Reach

What is the heating method of Neovide?

Different from the water circulation heating of traditional sous vide, Neovide's heating method is to transfer heat to food through the principle of electromagnetic heating. However, unlike the induction cookers on the market, the heating of the induction cookers is generally fierce until the target temperature is reached. On the basis of the previous test data (experience data), we collect the temperature (actual data) of one or more temperature sensors in the chamber, and to have a comprehensive result to determine how to control the heating of the electromagnetic coil in the next step, through the non-full power pulsed heating, the temperature can reach the target value smoothly, and the precise temperature control similar to the heating of water circulation can be achieved.

When cooking, which part temperature is shown by the display?

When cooking under Neovide Mode, the real time temperature from the probe sensor (normally is the core temperature of the food) is shown on the display; when cooking under water bath mode (not activating the probe), the ambient/chamber temperature is shown on the display.

What is the material of the chamber?

It is made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and high temperature resistant materials.