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Biodegradable Vacuum Bags Can Work as Well as Non-compostable Ones

Mar 02,2023 | The Space

Professional chefs from Basque Culinary Center (BCC) recently conducted rigorous tests on the biodegradable vacuum bags developed by The Space, using them to cook sous vide in real-life conditions. According to the chefs’ feedback, the performance of our bags is great, similar to or even better than the conventional plastic ones. Nowadays, chefs are more and more concerned about the sustainability of their restaurants. And using biodegradable vacuum sealer bags is absolutely a great option for them.


The Space biodegradable vacuum sealer bags delivered a flawless performance in their sous-vide cooking experiences:


l  Resistant to high temperatures for prolonged times

  • Cooking periods up to 24h at 90ºC.

  • Fine for sous-vide cooking in water immersion or combi ovens.


l  The food cooked in biodegradable bags has the same organoleptic characteristics as the food cooked with standard plastic bags.

  • Appearance

  • Tenderness

  • Flavor (smell, aroma and taste)


l  The biodegradable bags are compatible with a wide variety of food and seasonings.

  • Meat, fish, vegetables, sweet and others

  • Vinegar, juices and spicy sauces

  • Even pastry recipes (crème anglaise, fruit confit, fruit osmosis, curds, oil/butter infusions, etc.)


l  Multi-purpose: The Space vacuum bags proved to be effective for food preservation, cooking and storage.


The Space biodegradable vacuum sealer bags have been certified as compostable by OK-Compost (EU), BPI (USA), and GreenPla (Japan), and have been tested by the BCC Innovation department with positive results. It has been proven that biodegradable vacuum bags developed by The Space can be as strong as conventional plastic bags and are suitable for sous vide cooking in tough conditions.