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One-stop sous vide.

It saves users' budgets by eliminating the need to buy extra equipment, such as a vacuum sealer, as they can complete all sous vide steps using just one machine.

Built-in food probe

Direct food temperature control with a built-in probe and algorithm. No more guessing and unnecessary waiting.

Two Neovide sous vide cookers. The left one has its lid open.
The upper side of Neovide sous vide cooker.
A person is inserting the food probe into a steak.
A chart that shows the temperature curve of Neovide sous vide cooker.
The UI of The Space Sous Vide App
Friendly user interface

You can control Neovide on the control panel or with our dedicated App effortlessly. The layout and interaction logic are carefully designed for intuitive and efficient operation. Every time you use it, you’ll find it perfectly well.


Available for iOS and Android :